Getting Over You
On the top of the world, I used to sit, secure in your love.
Always knowing that you were mine, loving you till the end of time.
If I turned around, you were there, giving me that loving stare.
And I adored you more than my life, more than heaven, and the stars above.

Then one day I turned, and you were gone, your body was there, but not your mind.
You went through the motions each day, but the love in your voice had gone away.
You spoke words of passion with a simple blank stare, emotionless care.
Your longing was obvious, needs ran deep, and my needs were left behind.

You said you were waiting to see that spark, that you once saw in me.
Without your spark, that ignited my flame, my love for you must have seemed so tame.
Inspiration had gone from our daily life, I saw that you no longer were my wife.
Others had taken your thoughts away, day by day, it was plain to see.

When I left it was hard, like loosing my life, but the tears had stopped, I thought.
I had cried so many nights before, not able to sleep, hurt to the core.
Your pain was mine, and while you slept, I dreamed of our passion that had somehow left.
But I knew that I could never be, that person that completed you, not the thing you sought.

Now being away every day, hearing your stories, seeing your hard resolve.
It's over I sigh, and each night I cry, again and again, my heart just won't mend.
I try to be tough, but missing you is rough, your still in my mind, the love left behind.
I try to sleep, my heart misses beats, my world has stopped yet yours still revolves.

I must learn to be like you, secure in my needs, and follow through with my deeds.
I'm going to get through this, I've done it before. Hurt to the Core, no more, no more.
Time heals all, is what they say, well I'm spending my life wishing time away.
I'm happy for you, I truly am, and I hope you find love, and meet all your needs.

Me, I'll go on, with each day as it passes, hoping that you were not the best.
Knowing how hard it will ever be, too find that wonderful ability.
That talent you had to make each day, shine with love, knowing just what to say.
You can not be the only one, it just cannot be, out of all the rest.

Or can you....

Metria R. Jones 2001                 Back    Home