Gender Equality
Declaration of a National Gender Freedom Day
There comes a time in every great movement for equality when words are no longer enough. 
Our right to Gender expression has reached that point.  We must no longer sit by and let others tell us who we can marry, how we can dress, where we can work, what we should be called.
We can no longer just sit here and allow ourselves to become 2nd or even 3rd class citizens because of our gender expression.  It is time for action.  Retaliation.  It is time to open up some eyes as to the ludicrousness of our current state.  Not since woman's suffrage has any group been openly treated the way we are being treated now.  This site proposes a National Day of Gender Freedom. 
A Call to Civil Disobedience
I propose this day be dedicated to exposing to the masses, the ridiculousness of our plight. 
I suggest that we develop a manifest of goals consummating in the freedom of gender expression for all people.  What I propose is a day where we flaunt the ridiculousness of current law, and it's inadequacy to guarantee our rights to life liberty, and pursuit of happiness,
Until we have true gender freedom, and equality, and then make this a national day of celebration of that accomplishment.
Possible Civil Actions
If you live as a woman, but the law still wants to consider you a man,
    dress as a woman, but use the man's rest room.
    if you have breasts, go to the beach topless.

 If you live as a man, but the law still wants to consider you a woman,

    dress as a man, but use the woman's rest room.
    if you have a beard or a mustache, go to the beach in a bikini.

Go to the courthouse.  Take a combination of people with you.  A genetic woman, A genetic man, A MtF, and a FtM.  Ask which one you can get a marriage license for.  Keep trying till they issue a license for you to marry someone.  (Don't worry your not married until you exercise that license).

If you just want to support gender equality, dress as the opposite sex, and do all the things that sex would do for the day.

Open Discussion
I'm sure we can all come up with a million new ideas.  I would like to hear them, and act on them.  This site is for that discussion.  I would love to hear your ideas, and comments.


Metria R. Jones

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